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Fig. 5

From: Regional differences in mitochondrial DNA methylation in human post-mortem brain tissue

Fig. 5

MtDNA methylation patterns can distinguish between tissue types. a Average RPKM values for each cortical brain region, cerebellum and blood samples were clustered based upon the Euclidean distance, identifying two major clusters; the cortex and blood-cerebellum. b When clustering RPKM values in the individual samples from the cortex, cerebellum and blood, we observed that individual cortex samples clustered together, whilst cerebellum and blood samples formed separate clusters. This highlights that tissue-specific differences between the cortex, cerebellum and blood are greater than intra-individual variability within a tissue. BLD blood, BA8 Brodmann area 8, BA9 Brodmann area 9, BA10 Brodmann area 10, CER cerebellum, CTX cortex, ECX entorhinal cortex, RPKM reads per kilobase of transcript per million mapped reads, STG superior temporal gyrus

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