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Fig. 5

From: Neonatal monocytes exhibit a unique histone modification landscape

Fig. 5

A subset of H3K4me1 in neonatal monocytes appears to directly convert to H3K4me3 in adult monocytes. a Venn diagram showing that approximately 12 % of H3K4me3 peaks differentially bound between neonatal and adult monocytes have differentially bound H3K4me1 peaks at the same location. b Broad biological gene ontology pathways associated with shared adult H3K4me3 and term neonatal H3K4me1 peaks. c MPEG1 and d LYZ have significantly increased H3K4me1 across the whole gene in neonatal monocytes without appreciable H3K4me3, which seems to convert to H3K4me3 at identical locations in adult monocytes with a parallel decrease in H3K4me1. A = adult, T = term. H3K4me3 peaks display the read coverage for H3K4me3 from one of the representative replicates from each group. Black bars display the H3K4me3 consensus peaks after only peaks present in at least two replicates are combined and analyzed. MPEG1 macrophage expressed 1, LYZ lysozyme

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