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Fig. 1

From: Loss of nuclear localization of TET2 in colorectal cancer

Fig. 1

Loss of TET2 nuclear expression in colorectal cancer. a Immunohistochemical analysis of TET2 in colorectal cancer samples and normal mucosa tissues. Representative images of normal mucosa tissues (a), cytoplasmic expression of TET2 in CRC (b), nuclear expression of TET2 (c) in CRC, and TET2 expression in the invasive marginal region of CRC (d) were indicated. Scale bar: 100 μm. b Distribution of TET2 subcellular localization in normal mucosa tissues and colorectal cancer tissues. c Cytoplasmic (Cyto) and nuclear (Nuc) fractions of several cancer cells were separated for Western blot analysis as indicated. The following antibodies were used for Western blot: TET2 (ab94580), TET3 (GTX121452), Lamin A/C (CST #2032), and β-tubulin (Proteintech, 10068-1-AP). d Cells were treated with leptomycin B (LMB, 200 nM, 24 h), and then, DNA was extracted for 5hmC detection and methylene blue (MB) staining. e LoVo cells were transfected with siRNA targeting TET2 for 2 days and then treated with leptomycin B (200 nM, 24 h). DNA was extracted for 5hmC detection and methylene blue staining

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