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Figure 4

From: Concomitant downregulation of the imprinted genes DLK1 and MEG3 at 14q32.2 by epigenetic mechanisms in urothelial carcinoma

Figure 4

DNA methylation analysis of control regions in the 14q32 imprinted gene cluster. Bisulfite sequencing results of 11 CpGs in the DLK1 promoter region (UCSC gene position 101192721-101192924, UCSC genome browser version 2009, Hg19), 19 CpGs in the IG DMR (UCSC gene position 101277184-101277612) and the MEG3 DMR (UCSC gene position 101290923-101291134) in benign (left side) and tumor (right side) samples. As benign samples, a normal kidney, leukocytes, two bladder tissues (BN) and primary cultured urothelial cells were analyzed. Tumor samples were urothelial cancer tissues (BT), the bladder cancer cell lines SW1710 and BC61, as well as the hepatoma cell line HepG2. Black circles indicate methylated CpGs, whereas white circles indicate unmethylated CpGs.

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