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Fig. 4

From: Large-scale analysis of DFNA5 methylation reveals its potential as biomarker for breast cancer

Fig. 4

Physical map of the 22 CpGs in DFNA5, plotting chromosomal location versus average methylation values. Different subgroups (tumor vs normal; ductal vs lobular) have been plotted. Both the gene body and the putative gene promoter region of DFNA5 are indicated. These figures clearly indicate that normal samples have higher methylation values in the gene body, compared to tumor samples (panel a). The opposite is true for the promoter of DFNA5 (panel b). Moreover, the lobular breast adenocarcinomas showed higher mean DFNA5 methylation values compared to the ductal breast adenocarcinomas in or upstream from the putative gene promoter region. Panel b (gene promoter region) is a magnification of panel a

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