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Fig. 2

From: Aberrant expression and DNA methylation of lipid metabolism genes in PCOS: a new insight into its pathogenesis

Fig. 2

Bioinformatic analysis of the RNA-seq results. Ingenuity Pathway Analysis was used, which analyzes the expression data in the context of known biological response and regulatory networks as well as other higher order response pathways, to assign functional information and biological relevance. ac Functional analysis of 92 DEGs. The top 10 influenced biofunctions are grouped by disease and disorder (a), molecular and cell functions (b), and physiological system development and functions (c). Results are shown as the negative logarithm of significance, which is a statistical score and a measure of the likelihood of the genes in a given network being found together as a result of chance, as determined by Fisher’s exact test. Downstream effects analysis of DEGs predicts activated lipid metabolism in GCs from PCOS women (d)

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