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Fig. 1

From: A long-range interactive DNA methylation marker panel for the promoters of HOXA9 and HOXA10 predicts survival in breast cancer patients

Fig. 1

Selection of long-range interacting CpG methylation markers for the diagnosis and prognosis of breast cancer patients. a Scheme for the marker selection using pubic data (from the TCGA breast cancer dataset: Infinium 450k array data (methylome), RNA-seq data (transcriptome), and clinical information; from ENCODE: ChIA-PET data (chromatin interactome) for MCF7 breast cancer cells; from NCBI GEO: expression microarray data (transcriptome, GSE22250) for MCF7 breast cancer cells after 5-Aza C treatment). b Selected CpG marker candidates and long-range interacting genes. c Gene structure, the selected CpG loci and chromatin status near the HOXA9 and HOXA10 locus (UCSC genome browser)

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