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Fig. 2

From: Genetic heterogeneity of patients with suspected Silver-Russell syndrome: genome-wide copy number analysis in 82 patients without imprinting defects

Fig. 2

Array comparative genomic hybridization profiles of the five patients with pathogenic copy number variations. a Patient 1 (SRS-compatible, 4p16.3 deletion). b Patient 2 (SRS-compatible, mosaic trisomy 18). c Patient 3 (SRS-compatible, 19q13.11-12 deletion). d Patient 4 (SRS-like, 7q11.23 deletion). e Patient 5 (SRS-like, 7q11.23 deletion). The black, red, and green dots denote signals indicative of the normal, increased (> + 0.4), and decreased (<–0.8) copy numbers, respectively

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