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Fig. 2

From: Methylation of DIRAS1 promotes colorectal cancer progression and may serve as a marker for poor prognosis

Fig. 2

Methylation status and expression of DIRAS1 in primary colorectal cancer samples. a Representative results of MSP for DIRAS1 in primary colorectal cancer samples and matched adjacent tissue samples. T primary colorectal cancer samples, N normal colorectal mucosa. b Representative IHC results show the expression levels of DIRAS1 in colorectal cancer and matched adjacent tissue samples (upper: ×100; lower: ×400). c DIRAS1 expression scores are shown as box plots, horizontal lines represent the median score; the bottom and top of the boxes represent the 25th and 75th percentiles, respectively; vertical bars represent the range of data. The expression levels of DIRAS1 were significantly different between adjacent tissue and colorectal cancer samples. (*P < 0.05). d The bar diagram shows the expression and DNA methylation status of DIRAS1 in different cancer samples. Reduced expression of DIRAS1 was significantly associated with promoter region methylation. (*P < 0.05). e Kaplan-Meier curves show the association of overall survival rate of colorectal cancer patients with the methylation status of DIRAS1. Green, DIRAS1 unmethylated colorectal cancer patients (n = 77, median survival, 25 months); red, DIRAS1 methylated colorectal cancer patients (n = 69, median survival, 51 months, P = 0.0121, log-rank test)

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