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Fig. 2

From: Triage of high-risk human papillomavirus-positive women by methylated POU4F3

Fig. 2

ROC curves of genes for M-index to trade off performance in detecting CIN3+. Methylation index levels of POU4F3 (a), HS3ST2 (b), and AJAP1 (c) in cervical scrapings such as normal and tumors graded as normal/CIN1, CIN3/CIS, or SCC/AC diagnosed by proven histopathology in hrHPV-positive samples. Each dot in the figure represents the M-index level of an individual woman. Analysis of ROC curve of POU4F3 (d), HS3ST2 (e), and AJAP1 (f). The AUC of the ROC curve of an individual candidate gene was calculated to diagnose CIN3+ lesions

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