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Fig. 1

From: Epigenome-wide and transcriptome-wide analyses reveal gestational diabetes is associated with alterations in the human leukocyte antigen complex

Fig. 1

Regions selected for pyrovalidation based on observed association between GDM and methylation level on the microarray. Purple ovals highlight the CpG site driving the selection of each candidate region, with purple boxes indicating regional changes detected via bump hunting. Plots include site-specific methylation of GDM cases (blue) and matched controls (pink), and genomic context, including proximal CpG islands (green), HUGO genes (teal; smaller width corresponding to UTR), and SNPs colored according to heterozygosity (increasing from yellow to red). Regions include the following: a one within an enhancer and 5′UTR of CCDC181, b one 285-bp upstream of the transcription start site of HLA-DOA, c one associated with the promoter of SNRPN/SNURF, and d one within the introns of HLA-H and HLA-J

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