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Figure 4

From: High-throughput DNA analysis shows the importance of methylation in the control of immune inflammatory gene transcription in chronic periodontitis

Figure 4

Comparative analysis of variations in methyl scores in the immune, cell cycle, and stable groups. The position of probes in the compared groups was matched using a sliding window of 140 bases (with a shift of one base) starting at +2,000 to +1,860 (within gene) and ending at a window containing sequences from −1,860 to −2,000 (promoter). Each point represents the difference between the methyl score between the two groups. Significant differences (Mann-Whitney test) are shown in different colors. The 5′ position of the window is shown by vertical dotted lines. The x-axis positions larger than 0 represent gene bodies and less than 0 represent promoter regions. (A) Methyl score immune − cell cycle, (B) methyl score immune − stable, and (C) methyl score cell cycle − stable.

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