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Table 2 Differentially methylated (DM) genes identified as falling within the top networks using IPA pathway analysis (a) between all cases and controls, and (b) between MTX-naïve cases and controls

From: Genome-scale case-control analysis of CD4+ T-cell DNA methylation in juvenile idiopathic arthritis reveals potential targets involved in disease

  Top network functions # DM genes Genes
(a) Immunological disease, cardiac hypertrophy, cardiovascular disease 21 APOE, ATP2B4, CARD8, CASP8, CAV3, COL17A1, DOK2, ESR2, HRSP12, IL1RL1, ITGA6, MEF2C, NR1D1, NR1I2, PLUNC, PSMC5, RETN, SELL, SPA17, SPOP, TLR6
  Cellular Growth and Proliferation, Gene Expression, Cellular Movement 16 ANGEL2, ARMC1, C11orf49, CBARA1, FXC1, KIAA0196, KRT10, LCN12, MRPL28, MTRF1, NR1D1, PSMB5, PSMC5, RBM18, RSL24D1, TFB1M
  Antigen Presentation, Cell-To-Cell Signaling and Interaction, Hematological System Development and Function 15 AKAP6, ARFGEF1, BCKDHB, CDS2, CEACAM3, CPT2,CRB1, GCET2, GPD2, LY9, RAB32,RBP3, SLC1A6, TIMM8B, ZKSCAN3
(b) Cellular growth and proliferation, Haematological system development and function, Hematopoiesis 9 HCRTR1, HOXB4, IL32, LIN37, MEP1A, NDUFB10, PRKRA, RCAN2, SOCS2