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Table 1 CpGs, histone modifications, and other factors or miRNAs that affect the expression of epigenetically regulated mucin genes

From: Epigenetic regulation of mucin genes in human cancers

Mucins Promoter methylation sites Histone modification Factors or miRNA
MUC1 −70 to +20 H3-me2K9, aceK9 miR-125b, miRNA-145, miR-1226
MUC2 −3,269, −3,199, −2,331, −1,912, −338 to +158 H3-me2K4, me3K4, meK9, me2K9, aceK9, me2K27, aceK27, H3-ace, H4-ace DNMT1, HDAC2
MUC3A −345 to −75 N.D. N.D.
MUC4 −121 to −81a H3-ace, me2K9, aceK9, me3K27 Sp1, DNMT3A, DNMT3B, HDAC1, HDAC3
−170 to −102b
MUC5AC −3,718 to −3,670 H3-me2K9, aceK9 N.D.
MUC5B −2,677/−2,163 H3-me2K4, me3K4, meK9 DNMT1, HDAC2
−434/−421 me2K9, aceK9, me2K27, aceK27
MUC17 −179 to +52 H3-me2K9, aceK9 N.D.
  1. ND not determined
  2. aRegion reported by Vincent et al.
  3. bRegion reported by Yamada et al.