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Fig. 3

From: Transcriptional modulation by VIP: a rational target against inflammatory disease

Fig. 3

1 IFN-γ pathway leading to activation of macrophages. IFN-γ binds to IFN-γRα resulting in phosphorylation of associated JAK 1; 2 IFN-γRα interacts with IFN-γRβ; 3 IFN-γRα/IFN-γRβ interaction induces phosphorylation of IFN-γRβ-associated JAK2; 4 JAK2 phosphorylation provides a docking site for cytosolic STAT proteins which are then phosphorylated; 5 activated STAT proteins disengage the complex and dimerize; 6 active hetero or homodimers of STAT proteins enter the cell nucleus and transcribe many different genes; 7 IFN-γ-induced activation results in enhanced killing of microbes and antigen presentation

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